LoLLIA: Perfumed Shower Gel

Hello Martha Stewart Weddings!
Hoity Toity's {NEW} LoLLIA Perfumed Shower Gels are featured in "The Bride's Guide" from the experts at Martha Stewart Weddings.

"The scents are divine, their names are whimsical--Relax, Breathe, Imagine, Wish, In Love, Calm--and their packaging is reminiscent of what one might find in an English cottage tucked away in some hidden garden. All in all, Lollia is stocked with great bridesmaid and MOB gifts--you should sneak one in for yourself, too."

You'll find these amazing shower gels online at http://www.shophoitytoity.com/ or stop in and see us HT gals in-store at both Hoity Toity Marysville & Snohomish!

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