A unique collection of beautiful leather accessories, with interchangeable sentiments.

Two bracelet styles are available. Choose from either a beautiful wide cuff to display our large sentiments, or a smaller bracelet to display our small sentiments. Bracelets are made from the finest full grain buffalo hide, and feature small brass hooks to which brass or silver "sentiments" can be attached. Each of these interchangeable sentiment plates features motivating words or meaningful quotes that have stood the test of time. Fully assembled, these sentiment bracelets can change as often as the weather or your mood.

Inspiration, motivation, appreciation-whatever reminder your day needs, look no further than your wrist.

Each sentiment is made of 100% high quality brass and is embellished by hand, making each piece a one-of-a-kind creation. The patina is achieved through an eco-friendly, chemical-free process, creating that timeless, vintage-inspired look. And if your bracelet still isn't individual enough for your liking, attach some accent charms to finish the look. And rest assured that your sentiment bracelet is hand-crafted in the U.S.

Finally, a statement piece that is as versatile as you are.

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