{NEW} Lip Elixirs at HT!

If winter has wreaked havoc on your lips, leaving them dry and dehydrated, take note: Tokyo Milk has just introduced a new line of Lip Elixirs, and are NOW AVAILABLE AT HT!

The eight-flavor collection comes in a variety of luscious scents: Smoked Salt is a mix of smoked sea salt and burnt sugar; Coco Noir is a blend of rum and maraschino cherry; La Vie En Rose is a fusion of rosewater and sweet orange; Absinthe is an assortment of anise and mineral salt; Dead Sexy is a concoction of ebony wood and warm vanilla; Clove Cigarette is a mix of crushed clove and lavender rose; Cherry Bourbon is a blend of cherry brandy and whiskey; and, Salted Caramel is a fusion of sweet cream and sea salt. Best of all, each lip elixir is jam-packed with nourishing jasmine and bee balm—in other words your lips will smell sweet and look amazing.

Check out the entire collection at ShopHoityToity.com.

Each lip elixir retails for $7.

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