TOKYO MILKS Latest cremes of the crop

Beauty enthusiast and artist Margot Elena Wells has built a devoted following for herself and her brands simply by doing what she does best: scent pairing and illustration. It’s a simple formula that’s helped keep her primping projects—Lollia, and Tokyo Milk—popular with a discerning clientele who wants something that’s both visually and olfactorily appealing. Her latest round of whimsical objects of desire is a new set of luxuriously hydrating Bon Bon Shea Butter hand lotions. Formulated with Japanese green tea, mimosa bark, and macadamia and brazil nut oils, all seven aromatic experiences boast beautiful packaging featuring collages of vintage prints. Personal favorites include Honey & the Moon, which pairs the sweet smell of honey with sugared violet; Eden, which smells of fresh greens, white iris, and musk; and Kabuki, an exotic mix of grapefruit, lychee, and jasmine encased in a tube bearing an etching of a traditional geisha girl. The words “stocking stuffer” come to mind, as do “desk-side mood stabilizer.”

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