Baby it's cold outside

Fingerless gloves are the latest rage in the fashion world at the moment. We see it on the hands of Katie Holmes {Left} Alice Cullen {Below} & even on Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw!

Fingerless gloves are very functional & yet a very stylish accessory!

There is something so bold, daring, yet chic about them. Both practical and pretty, they allow you to have full mobility of your fingers (when typing text messages and tweeting away on your Iphone, Blackberry, etc).

Ranging in colors and styles, these chic gloves has mass appeal!

Alice Cullen, played Ashley Greene is sporting figerless gloves in the smash hit movie New Moon.

Fingerless gloves are the hottest selling accessory this season and make the perect holiday gift!

Start shopping for your new favorite accessory.


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