*Tokyo Milk*

Tokyo Milk now at Hoity Toity!
The triple milled shea butter soaps; too beautiful to open and too luxurious not to! They are hand embellished and vintage pressed, boasting exquisite imagery. Botanicals, Curiosities, and waltzing couples all enjoy equally lovely glittered wraps. Each soap is delicately fragranced leaving the skin soft and lightly scented.

These perfumes are crafted with wit and sophistication…a fabulous range of notes from herbs and botanicals to deep woods and unexpected sweetness. The graphics on each fragrance dazzle and delight as much as the fragrance itself. They are fun, flirty and sweet & have collectable written all-over them! Each bottle has a vintage image and typewritten label, totally unique and completely adorable!

Bon Bon lip balm's in lovely little pots, each are uniquely appointed, some with Victorian ladies, Geisha girls, Bumblebees, and Sweets. Soft and moisturizing with emollients such as sunflower seed oil, aloe, shea butter, and Vitamin E, perfect when you want scrumptious flavor on the go. The hand glittered boxes woo with surprise quotes from icons such as Coco Chanel and Drew Barrymore.
These highly moisturizing, lightly fragrant lip balms are truly a work of art. Each balm is flavored to leave a hint of sugary sweetness on the lips, making them extra soft, and super kissable.

If you havn't tried this line before...
it's a must have girls :)
Come try it today @ Hoity Toity!!


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