Where has Hoity Toity Been??

Ohkay im sure all you fashionista's are wondering where have we been this past week. Why we havn't been posting pictures of all our new items??
Well... our busy bodies have been cleaning out the back room here at Hoity Toity! Im sure that doesnt sound exciting, so maybe this will;

Hoity Toity's
1/2 Yearly SALE
Starts July 1st - 31st!!

That's right only 5 days away!! Hoity Toity's biggest sale of the year and it's starting out with a big bang, something you wont want to miss. We have opened our back room for you,
Slashed prices up to 75% OFF!!
Be sure to stop in the month of July ~ There will be lot's of bargins for all you barginista's!

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