Summer Scarves!

From coast to coast, lightweight scarves are without a doubt becoming the IT accessory of the season. Wait, Scarves for summer? Yes! A lightweight scarf is not just a transitional item; it's also the destination point. A scarf, wrap, or shawl is a great alternative to a cardigan. It's portable, and there's just so much you can do with it: drape it over a thin shirt, loop it through your handbag for some added drama, tie it around your waist as a bikini cover up, and so on and so on!!
The checkered/plaid will make a great segue into Fall 2009!

The fleur de lies is super hot and trendy right now

These summer-weight scarves will bring style and charisma to any summer ensemble. 100% cotton-linen gives the scarf bounce and comfort.

Fun colors - Love the touch of sparkle throughout!

Would you/Do you rock the Summer Scarf?


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  1. Nice scarves! Love the name of your post!

    Louise @ Scarf It Up!