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How funny is this..
We received many different Condom cases, pill boxes and mirror compacts. Each come with there own identity. Let me introduce you to a few of the ladies...

This ones name is Jessica. She is the Condom case. She is skilled at hooking any man she wants and luckily for her, it doesn't involve spending any time in the kitchen. She has always been a big fan of eating out. "Every smart girl should pack protection and why not in style? On the top of her box is "I know the way to a man's heart, and trust me on this, it's not through his stomach.
These epoxy coated condom cases are adorned with an image from an original peice of art. Sassy and irreverent, these cases hold vitamens, condoms, jewelry, or various other personal items for travel or organization. The removable plastic insert can turn this flirty case into a perfectly divided pillbox. You may need to own several of these multi-functional cases to keep at home, your purse, and your car. Why not be prepared for anything?"
They are all packaged in a fun keepsake box that can be re-used for anything, with the funnest quotes adorned on the top!

Come meet Jessica, Collette, Meg and Kelly.


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